What It Means To Be Truly Content

How can you enjoy a really, really hot day? Well, I felt like I was inside an oven throughout the long, stretched out evening filled with humidity. Legs tucked in and fanning myself —I emerge into watching yet another movie which seems to be the ritual of my 4:00 clock. This time it was “Bruce Almighty” and I have watched this movie from the classroom of religious studies to the comfort of my bedroom (many times) but today I was infused with questions. Questions spread through my mind like a long rail-way track.

If we were asked to play God —what would we really do? The very first thing. Look, I know we all want world peace and to end poverty but let’s face it —the very first thing would always revolve around us, what we want. An instant reaction to seek comfort for our own life. I imagined as I was peeling potatoes few hours later: to be truly happy. To achieve that I would get things all of which are materialistic because this is the only way to “contentment”. And that in turn that will lead to my “true happiness”.

Whatever contentment is —why do we seek it from worldly items. Why happiness comes with actual price tags. The very first thing would always be materialistic, even the petty ones because we associate our happiness through it. We are reliant upon our jobs, relationships, likes etc to bring us the contentment we so desperately looking for. All the while forgetting no holidays or new cars will solve our problems.

I think when we are focused on achieving things, surrounding ourselves with worldly life —we forget the true value of life. It somehow sinks beneath the ocean of our ambitions. We get so caught up with right now, the New York minute; layer by layer —all we seem to be doing is, expecting contentment from money, fame among other things, so much so that real life becomes an illusion.

All of the above is not sustainable. Nothing in life is long-term. And it may be why when we are faced with major health issue —we seem to look at life in a different way.

Appreciate life even when it’s not perfect. Happiness is not fulfilment of what we wish for but an appreciation of what we have.

It’s the little things that makes happy moments: Yesterday it was just me, no social media, “friends” on telly and lots of tea to take me through the day. Or the time I danced through the afternoon in a empty kitchen as I tried my hands on new recipes.

Life is full of little moments. Have faith and be strong. It is important to remind ourselves to just take a breather.

Just breathe. 

Our next generation is growing up by consuming an insane amount of social media content. They are constantly exposed to glorious, filter filled, alternative version of reality. Allowing ourselves to set unrealistic expectation. Wanting perfection. The sun kissed life. Beach body. Internet sensation. This is constantly altering our mindset.

Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.

Because life is so short. We simply cannot have everything we want. 1) It is not healthy. 2) We would always crave more. The world is incessantly moving even when we think we are almost there. The pace in which everything changes is unimaginable. There’s just not enough hours in a day to catch up with this world.

Social media is a platform to blast what we have, our blessing put in an angle that is pleasing to others. After many clicks, edited and perfected does it get published to the world. Those envious pictures. What we tend to do when scrolling through Instagram we see those photos and feel “I wish my life was like that”. Me too —I am guilty of doing that. In that mindset we only see their blessing and ignore their tests. Our life is a mixture of pain and joy —we choose what to share. Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures, they don’t tell the whole story.

Envy is a poisonous disease that has the ability to ruin our wellbeing. Research shows the more we envy others lives, the faster we become dissatisfied by our own life. The cure for envy is: Gratitude.

The way I see it, the world is designed to break your heart. That’s the reality. But the same world can be warm and fuzzy when we know what really matters.

With time we learn what it means to be a human. What it means to make mistakes and learn from them. I have learned over the years to stop running from what is heavy and uncomfortable. To understand I cannot control life. I am slowly learning how to laugh and cry and feel through it all. Not just to fixate on a emotion, rather ride with the flow. It is not easy but it is not impossible. Disappointments hits us all, but I am slowly learning to push it aside in the same manner of waving away an annoying fly so that I could continue being happy.

We try to chase contentment by buying things: cars, homes, friendships, gadgets…contentment is not a pursuit or a purchase, it’s simply a way of being. Glass half full kind of way.

My life has been different for a long time. It is just recently I have accepted life as it is, without suppressing my dreams but by counting my blessing. I also think when you truly mastered the skill of enjoying your own company, happiness just comes. Don’t be afraid of being alone.

Lastly, final thoughts on social media: “Apparently she posted a colour wheel of macrons that has landed on the “favourite page” and now she had 50,000 followers, mostly teen girls who wanted a life like hers. She had always been obsessive and confident, but Instagram focused those qualities like sunlight through magnifying glass” -Natalie Beach.

Thanks, so much for reading xoxo

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