4 Important Things In A Relationship

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Hi, hope you all are doing well and keeping safe.

Today I thought I try something different and venture into all things relationships. Our different experiences in relationships gives us the roadmap into what we want from it. These are all very fundamental to me when it comes to a relationship and if you are interested, keep on reading.


I firmly believe if someone cannot respect you they can’t love you. Love and respect goes hand in hand. There’s nothing more of importance in a commitment than mutual respect. Without respect the whole thing become a bit messy. Only from respect comes loyalty and all other “jazz” that are needed to build a long, successful relationship. One can love anyone, this is the sole emotion that comes very easily to us humans. But to actually love someone in a way that really matters, you first have to respect them as a person.


This goes without saying. For any relationship to blossom into a deeper connection —you got to trust your partner. Once the trust simmers down, the breakdown of a relationship is inevitable. Many of us put a lot of emphasis on trust, this may be because —trusting someone means, you can rely on them, can confide in them and feel safe with them.

Don’t rely on your partner to make you happy

Okay, let me explain. When you wholeheartedly rely on your partner to make you feel happy you put too much pressure on them. It is not healthy. They are bound to make mistakes. You can’t seek all your happiness from a relationship or your partner. Life doesn’t work that way. Happiness should come firstly from YOU! How you treat yourself will manifest into how you treat the people around you, and ultimately how you want to be treated. Having said that it is important to venture into a relationship that will make you happy. It’s just finding the right balance which will help you navigate between relationship and happiness. What I am trying to say is you are in control of your happiness —don’t give the power to anyone or anything.


The most attractive element in a relationship is the way couple interact with each other. In relationships, through communication you explain to your partner what you are experiencing and what is required from them. The act of communicating allows you to speak openly about the your needs and wants and helps you to be connected in the relationship.

What are your thoughts? What is most important to you?

Thanks, so much for reading xoxo


  1. These are honestly so important! Especially about not relying on your partner for your happiness. A lot of people get into a relationship thinking it will fix everything but the truth is only we can find our own happiness.

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    1. You are absolutely right. We should always be in control of our happiness especially when we get into a relationship. It’s a emotional investment —first step for us to be okay in our own skin.

      Thank you for reading x ✨✨

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