Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, do tell where’s the sweet rhythm of childhood; the slow shifting of time, the infinite joys of everyday

O Mirror, tell me how to find the innocence of childhood; the doll house, vast fields, sweet lullabies

Where’s the courtyard of dreams?

Life was simple.

Mind was like flying kites; where no news was sad; where happiness was in abundance

Where is the courtyard of dreams?

Mirror Mirror in the wall where is childhood?

In sum, adulting sucks. It is hard. Terrifying. When I was younger, all I wanted was to grow up as fast as possible and do all the grown up things. Now I want to be a little girl. Hiding behind Ma’s silk saree and block the world. To not having to worry about life, future or anything. No more FOMO’s. Childhood: eating, playing, shitting, sleeping and repeat. I want that. Feeling very nostalgic today.

If you would like to share your favourite childhood memories —please do, I would love to read it xx


  1. I have been thinking a lot about my childhood recently, I miss it! I used to love just playing with my toys. I would make lil talent shows with them and dress up my Bratz dolls. Now with a child of my own it’s crazy how things change, I guess she’s like my lil human Bratz doll LOL


  2. My favourite childhood memory is emailing my best friend at the time, a whole 2 page article about everything I had learnt about black holes lol (kind of cringe in hindsight). I was probably 13 at the time. The reason being, I had a lot of ambition and curiosity to learn, but it is diminishing as I get older as everyone plays out adult life to be not as interesting as I envisioned for myself…

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    1. Wow, whole 2 page👏🏾😂. That’s impressive. I know what you mean. Adulting takes a toll sometimes but we all find a way to get on with it.
      I guess why adulting sucks because we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve things on repeat, we lose the fun element we had when we was younger

      🤗🤗🧡 xx


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