6 Sings You Are Healing

In today’s post I want to talk about healing. Emotional healing. It is much different from physical healing where it requires you to rest and recover but with emotional healing –it needs work. A lot of work to get to the place where past expriences don’t define you. A place where you are not chasing perfection, not letting doubt and fear hold you back. A journey where you can be home.

With years of yoga, meditation and therapy people get closer to healing. This list is only what I have seen over the years to play a factor in emotional healing. Without a further ado, if you are interested keep on reading.

You practice forgiveness

I read somewhere to forgive is the most difficult of all human endeavours. But when we practice forgiveness it softens the feeling of I am right and you are wrong. Once we are able to forgive, we recognise the humanity in others. This may explain why we feel lighter when we let go of the toxic energy. It takes a lot of strength to hold onto negative memories/people. Through forgiveness we learn about compassion.

I think we worry that forgiveness means we’re letting someone get away with something, but it’s more to do with releasing ourselves from the burden of resentment. We can’t forever be angry or chew on the thought of how unfair it was. It’s not healthy. For our own sanity, practicing forgiveness is essential.

Saying NO without feeling guity

It took me a long, long time to realise NO is a full sentence. I know a lot of people can relate to this: saying yes in the moment, to please people or guilt trip yourself into doing more than you can. It was so bad that it came to a point I was hurting myself by doing this over and over again. I would feel like a bad person if and when I said NO. It’s a lot to do with I want people to like me. It took me a while to understand the needs of my body/mind over the lust to please everyone I meet.

You are greatful for your growth

Often we are not quick to give credit to ourselves compare to others. We don’t appreciate how far we have come. Remember you are responsible for your own growth. Being greatful for the moments. All those incidents, the memories along the way. Don’t compare yourself with others. See how far you have come. Appreciate the growth –this will help you reach even higher.

You are not afraid of the what if’s but excited about the future

Ever since I can remember I was always afraid of the “what if’s”.The big old monster in my childhood dreams that still hunts me in my adulthood. It has taken me years to manage it. It becomes difficult for our mind to focus on anything else when we use so much energy to worry about the what if’s. Future will happen regardless of what we do. Time moves. We are not in control. Life is a unpredictable tide. When we came to this world, with the curiosity to explore every corner of it –we survived then knowing nothing about anything and we will survive again. Thrive even. Believe in your ability. Things are waiting to happen for you.

You can look back at your past expriences without anger or regrets

I must say this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. Coming in terms with everything that has happened before and appreciating what ever you have now. Also it has a lot to with forgiveness. Once we are on the road to forgiveness, past doesn’t hunt you as much. Where we are now is a reflection of our experiences –both good and bad. It shapes us into what we are. This doesn’t mean past dictates our future, bearly a catalyst to where we want to go.

You are learning the art of letting go

The best way to live stress free is to declutter your life. Items, people and memories. Don’t let things/people hold you back. Not every memories is worth keeping nor the people we meet along the way. I believe people come into our lives either as a lesson or blessing. We need to find the balance, see what is in front of us. Live life. Let things go. Ease your worries of yesterday so that it doesn’t rob you of your peace today.

Healing by no means a straight line nor has a definite end. It’s a journey. I am still on that journey, we each go at our own pace. Please don’t feel these are the only signs to healing –it’s something that resonates with me and I thought I can share it with you.


  1. Yes, you are absolutely right! What I find to be the hardest, and what I would call the final step, is letting go. Once you feel that you are ok to move on and leave the past behind you, then you’re definitely almost there!

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