Feel Good Books To Read This Winter

I am back with another book list. You know how much I love to read. Short days, grim weather and with the lockdown there isn’t much to get on with. Having a book in hand always offers the escapism for me. Fiction provides me with the road to my happy place. Especially this winter, we need the escapism more than ever. The cosy evenings, candle lit, warm blanket, a book in hand –the perfect scenario. Everything to keep you occupied. Something to get you back to reading or to just enjoy a afternoon, one way ticket to escape-land —giving you the ‘me time’. In today’s post I will be sharing with you my favourite “Feel-Good” books to read this winter. From atmospheric, chick lit to a good story I have got it all to cheer you up this festive season.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

I felt a strange sense of emptiness and hope when I finished reading this book, which is why it’s on my many booklist. This book portrays loneliness emphatically yet is filled with bundle of joy. It explores the raw human emotions beautifully. This book will make you laugh, cry and become a better person. The characters are memorable. The novel follows the isolated Eleanor, highlighting her struggles, as she slowly opens up her heart to human beings after a lifetime of being let down by them. This saga is a hugely enjoyable, escapist treat.

My Not So Perfect Life

I love a Kinsella book, her stories are like a giant cuddle. It’s my go-to escapism. This one is nothing short of funny, charismatic and charming. In a world of social media, we all want to the ‘perfect life’ as our profile suggests with the filter-filled, sun kissed pictures. But what’s the story behind the filters? We meet Katie Brenner who has the perfect life: a flat in London, a glamorous job, and a super-cool Instagram feed. Well, all according to her Instagram feed until her not-so-perfect life come crashing down with series of unfortunate incidents with her new boss.

Pesky boss, sexy man and plenty of laughs, and you’ve got rom-com excellence. Its brilliant. Do give it a go and it’s bound you make you laugh out loud.

Prodigal Summer

I absolutely love this book. The first I have read of Barbara Kingslover. This was a gift, a signed copy from when it was released in 2000. Strong female characters. Beautiful description of the mountains, the plants, trees and nature at last. We meet Deanna Wolfe, a reclusive wildlife biologist living in an isolated cabin where she meets a young hunter who confounds her self-assured, solitary life. Further down the mountain, there is young Lusa newly widowed who is struggling to adjust to life on her own. A few miles down the road, a pair of elderly feuding neighbours who often disagree about God.

Over the course of humid summer we follow their lives and how they connect with one another. It’s a beautiful read. I love this book so much because it reistigate my love for wildlife.

You Owe Me One

Another Kinsella. Her books are easy to read. If you read Kinsella’s book you would know the pattern: classic transformation, finding love and happy ending. At times the story is easy to predict but then all Rom-coms are. A good, care -free read. We meet Fixie who loves to fix everything. It’s a humorous exploration of family, love, life and coming in ones true self. Childhood crush, handsome man at a coffee shop, sibling riverly —it has everything to keep you occupied in a dull winter evening.

The Hunting Party

If you like a good mystery book as a treat in the cold weather —I got just the book for you. Lucy Foley’s first novel —it has everything. Very atmospheric. Friends reunion. Past secrets resurfacing. In a remote hunting lodge, deep in the Scottish wilderness, old friends gather for new year. What possibly could go wrong? This book is a great update on the classic country house murder mystery.

I know this winter has been tougher than usual. I hope this inspires you to read more and venture into picking one of the books from to list to give yourself much needed escapism. What are you reading now?


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