Why Should We Trust The Timing Of Our Life

I think this year a majority of us has wondered about our life and where we are with it. Given the isolation and the free time we were left with the inavitable: evaluating where life is heading. More than ever we were presented with challenges we didn’t think we will ever have to face in our lifetime. The looming uncertainties to feeling broken. We have lost our jobs. Our loved ones. For the first time in our life we had to rely on food banks. Had to think about homelessness. How within months everything has changed. I will tell you, during lockdown —for the first time in my life I have re analysed the decisions which I was proud off until now. It feels like I have made a mistake, or worse missed an opportunity. The repeat tune of I should have done more. I didn’t like the dreams I have so meticulously planted in my mind throughout childhood. I wasn’t confident in my ability after a long time. Who I am fooling –I could never do that.

The issue of timing.

Do you believe in it? I do. With all my might I do. It sucks to be patient. The feeling is bitter. Maybe it’s faith but like the sprinkle of stars in a dark night —I know somewhere out there, things are happening for me. Good things. What is destined for you will never be late.

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

I found comfort in believing every one of us are on a journey. We each move at our own pace. Not everything has to happen right now –it’s not nessesary –like the timing of day and night, each wait for the other to fade for a new beginning. The same way we will get what we want, we just got to believe in the timing of our life.

If you are worried about age, hitting birthday milestone yet being in the same position as the year before, and before that. Listen. Not all of us has to start our career at the age of 22. There are many cases of people starting their career at a early age only to find themselves unhappy and starting over again at the age of 35. Others start working at 16 and work their way up the ladder, retiring happily at 50. Some meet their childhood sweetheart at school and married at 22. Become young parents. Others get married early only to divorce at 27. Teen moms are rediculed for wasting their life only to live to see their great-great grandchildren. Some women find their soul mate at 40 and get pregnant at 47 and married at 50. They are rediculed for putting their unborn child at risk. The point being —don’t compare yourself with others. Because there’s no right time to do life. No right way to do life. There are no limitation. At some point in our life we all feel left behind. You are not alone. We could never chase this world. Not everyone has it figured out.

You are not late.

You are exactly where you should be.


  1. What a powerful post! I’ll admit that this is something I struggle to accept at times. But you’re quite right – we need to embrace the now. Thanks for an important reminder.

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  2. Life is a journey and then there are various stops like graduation, work, marriage, family. Not everyone travels the same. So that’s right don’t compare yourself to others, don’t do as others and just follow blindly either. It’s your journey, enjoy it!

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    1. That’s so sweet! I am glad. Trust me, this year truly tested my ability to trust the timing of my life. But as long as we know —good things are waiting to happen for us, we would be just fine.

      Thank you for reading✨🧡 xx

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  3. I really liked this, you raised a few interesting points. I personally did things almost perfectly… or rather in a way that society calls perfect. Went to school, went to university, started working, traveled a lot, engaged and married at 26, baby at 27, first home before 30… the problem is that I wasn’t ready for most of it and had to basically stop and get therapy to learn how to deal with life! And my friends who married younger had lovely experiences despite the criticism from everyone. As you rightfully said, “there is no right time to do life”.

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    1. Not everyone has the same opportunity to do life the “society” way. Sometimes life goes pear shape and that’s okay. It’s the same way if someone has a “perfect” start—that’s okay too. Because we all are in a journey, going at our own pace. At our own time.

      Thank you so for sharing your thoughts✨🧡 xx

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