The Bond We Created This Year

When we think about this year in near future —we may each have a story to tell. Our expriences, moments and dealing with the unexpected. But one thing we have common is endurance.

Every year we asks ourselves: have we been good? It’s been tough. We had our moments. But we pulled together. Like the Tesco advert says there’s no naughty list. Forget it this year. Indulge yourself in whatever takes your fancy. Be kind to yourself. And others. I say this because we are still in the mist of a mental health crisis—never have been there a need to investing time and energy into self care. From loneliness, looming uncertainties, frequenter panic attacks to contemplating life —this year got us into our knees. But we held on. Having said that there are many of us right now are still struggling.

Like many I always wonder about what if’s, more so this year. I worry about future, what it has in store. But one thing I know: If God can take us from January to December, day to night, struggles to happiness —He will never abandon us.

The future was always bright, but in a glistening, almost blinding way, like the winter sun through billowing mist. There was no worry, even if our paths weren’t yet laid out before us. Have hope.

It’s not about what we lost this year but what we choose to take with us into 2021. The fond memories, the self discoveries, heartfelt struggles that made us stronger, braver. The moments that made us that extra bit kinder.

This Christmas, we are planning for a holiday unlike any before —many of us separated from our loved ones, alone, scared and struggling with the rhythm of this year. But one thing we could do for the betterment for all of us, regardless of how divided we may be —commit to reaching out to others, because as much as we may disagree, as physically distanced we may be —the fundamental truth is, we are more connected than ever before, for all we have endured individually and collectively this year.

Hardships have united us. This is because it’s so frequently takes tragedy or catastrophe for people to come together and be united, for us to truly stop what we are doing and devote ourselves to one another. In misfortune we rediscover each other and become aware of what it tuly means to be a human among other humans. In sorrow, we need each other more than ever.

To sum up this year I got to say there was division, politics getting in the middle of basic humanity, struggling with the identity of who we are, where we belong —but one thing I have seen rise above is our bond that we share as a community. Ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. From Captain Tom Moore remarkable fundraising efforts, people of all ages, colour and race —astounding display of solidarity against police brutality to pausing our normal way of living by staying at home to protect others. We have come together like never before. And I choose to remember 2020 for this togetherness.

May the joy of the upcoming festive season sparkle in all our homes.

Last night was difficult. A lot of us had to cancel our plans last minute due to the new restrictions. I am sorry. It’s incredibly saddening. But, here’s a big but —please stay at home and follow the rules. The grim statistics are rising, health care system is getting overwhelmed —one act of kindness before the year ends —stay at home. This is the best gift you could give to anyone.


Shahrin x


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