2021, Memories & Snowfall | Thoughts

8:00 Dizzy eyed, clutching my book and glass of water, I open the curtains and my god snow. Finally, December delivered. The steady drop of snowflakes. The powdery snow covered everything like a fluffy white blanket and made cars, roof, pavements look extraordinary. I stood there staring at the twinkling snow and came memories flooding down.

So many memories. I always preferred winter over summer. When I first came to the UK —I was super excited to let the cold hit me. But, who knew winter also brought damp, rainy, and grim days with it. Now I understand why Britain’s favourite subject of small talk is weather. Start a conversation with that and bola.

When I was 12 —there was a heavy snowfall. So much so that, schools had to close. Waking up early that morning, I could hardly contain my excitement as I took in the Little drops of delight from the heavens. With a big mug of cocoa, we sat glued to the window. Afternoon was spent in between making a snowman, trying our best to ski, competing over whose tongue can stay the longest on the snowy pavement.

Good times. 2012: A year where Obama was still the President; iPhone 5 just came out; Instagram taking its baby steps; Bella and Edward was still out and about in Twilight; we’re able to match month with the year; How I met Your Mother was still on telly.

The thing with memories, as much you ache for them, you can’t touch them, smell them or hold them. They were never exactly as the moments was, and they faded with time.

10:00 The moon graced the sky as if she has a story to tell. To brighten up the lonely sky with its majestic glow. With the addition of the moonlight, the night doesn’t seem so bad. Next year would be filled with more memories. Better than those before. Need to make room for those. Have to be brave, take chances, but most of all need to let go. Break traditions, make new ones, alter our paths —turn the page. Keep moving.

I am not viewing 2021 as the year I will get everything. Because it will be the year I continue to plant seeds, develop self awareness, love myself a little better, learn more and take steps towards becoming the best version of myself.

Take breaks. Allow flexibility. Don’t get too hang up on new year new me attitude. Embrace everything. On that note, I wish you all a very, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Thank you for all your support —it is much appreciated. Here’s a wish: I hope 2021 is filled with love, sunsets and the appreciation of the little things.


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