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January, always a month which asks all the questions that you avoided last year; the beginning of the year is very complicated.

As I was sitting and reading while every now and again glancing out the window memorised by the odd winter sunshine spread across the blue featureless sky; suddenly, looking out the open sky: I think about all the opportunities and possibilities. Then me at my own living room as the warm glow glide though my cheeks I wonder am I missing out or not doing enough as you see on the endless magazine, newspaper, TV ad that says with bright bold headlines “10 ways to live your life?’’

What is the ideal way? Is it when you travel the world, see all the places earth has to offer: climbing mountains; swimming across the oceans; sleeping beneath the starlight. Live your life to the fullest, do all the things your heart desires. Or when you limit yourself to reality, content with a 9 to 5 job –being happy with what you have got so far, not wanting to see the world, what if living life what most people will categories as ‘boring’ is what makes you happy, being okay with Friday night in accompanied with a book or a movie. Does that mean being left out or the classic “not reaching your full potential’’.

I for one always settled with doing less, just by doing nothing really made me happy –more than that –comfortable. I liked the comfortable. In between books, writing, watching television and just doing nothing –I was content. I had the most fun in my own company. I was always very self content –but now I start to think am I missing out in life? Should I be doing more things, going traveling, swimming across the river or ocean for that matter (I loved that idea more than anything).

So, how to live?

How to live in a way that all of our days are counted so that when we are trapped between life and death we can hold on to the moments: where life was lived to the fullest, the memories, experience and adventures that shaped our existence. The question really baffled me –the life that we lived, the days that we spent worrying, frustrated or soaked in absolute joy –how we make sure all the days we live are well spent throughout. There is never a grantee that we lived to the “fullest’’ there isn’t any guidelines; we just do how we see fit.

To be honest, I don’t know how to actually live my life. Whether to do all the things “one should do before they die’’ or just being happy with what I have. Most of the time, you cannot really afford to fly to the other side of the world, sometimes it is restricted –for some the sky is the limit but for others there’s limitation every step of the way. However, this shouldn’t stop us, with endurance, patience, hard work and hell lot of failures, can one truly be satisfied in life.

Although I do sometimes, occasionally close my eyes and think of the turquoise water I could bathe in, soaked in bliss where I imagine feeling as though I am invincible. A token of my imagination that I keep at bay: anytime, anywhere is accessible. One thing for sure is to dream big: I know half of my dream isn’t going to be a reality for a long, long time and other half is far-fetched. But I love the idea of dominating the world maybe one day…No harm in aiming for the stars while keeping the feet in ground. I say be your biggest dream.

Well, the point is as I said before, I don’t know ‘how to live’ or anyone for that matter. As long as we are content, happy. Further we don’t need to do gigantic things to live to our fullest. How we plan our life at 16 don’t always go according to plan, well that’s reality. I found its the little things that makes life worthwhile. Here’s to living boldly and being brave.

Just live, however you choose to.


  1. I used to ask this a lot back then, I even tell myself that everything I’m currently doing won’t even matter because we’re all going to die someday 😅

    It’s truly the little things that make this life great. The big things that we thought we want and we chase through out our life only stresses us out.

    I really love how your blog is evolving. It has become one of my favorite blogs now 🤗💕

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  2. I don’t think there is one correct way of living life and those small little moments really do make life worth living. I think sometimes doing nothing or appreciating what we have is great but sometimes working hard and trying to better your life is good too. It’s about the balance.

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  3. I just discovered your blog and I am so in love! I totally agree with you, it is always the little things that matters. The beautiful moments that you cherish forever. A simple walk with a friend or family member can be so memorable. I love the honesty in your writing.

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    1. I am glad you found this blog💃🏽💕

      You are right about simple things. Life works in mysterious ways and I am learning to accept it as it comes.

      Thank you for your kind words😘 xx


  4. You are right, it’s often the smallest moments that remind us how amazing life is. I think that people who are always doing ‘all the big things’ and flaunting it are seriously lacking in their lives and constantly trying to find meaning, which it sounds like you’ve found x

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  5. I loved your post. I think these are thoughts that everyone considers every now and then. And it’s a good thing, because what makes us happy will change as we change. The important thing is to be true to you and do what makes you happy, not what you think you are supposed to do.

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  6. Living life is about making beautiful memories that you can hold onto. It doesn’t matter if you live a slow paced or fast paced life. People can change their mind about their lifestyle 1000 times based on their goals. And that’s okay. As long as you are finding joy and contentment in life and the memories you are making that is what I believe is most important 😊💕

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    1. I am starting to believe this now. I don’t fight it anymore —just enjoy life as it comes and stop chasing it.

      I love the you put it Amy💕Thank you for sharing your thoughts😘 xx

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