Lockdown Struggles & Happiness | Thoughts

Hi, I hope you are doing well.

What’s happening? A lot and at the same time not so much. This pandemic is going on forever. For starters, I am *very* emotional. I cry at everything from watching Masterchef, conversations to reading, frankly, too many tears. Too much suffering in this world, ruthless virus to the power struggle in America —everything. Fair to say I am not coping very well. Finding it hard to keep my emotion intact. I know a lot of positivity is out here in the blogging sphere, looking at the brighter side despite everything but I am finding it difficult. This lockdown got to me. Staying at home constantly, being away from friends/loved ones, it’s taking a toll.

On a brighter note, A lot of positive things are happening in my personal life and I am grateful for it. After a very long time, life is moving forward. Good things are happing. This year has started really well. You would think that life is so good right now, I would be happy but I forgot what’s it like to be happy. I just feel overwhelmed. I got so used to being sad all the time, I don’t know what it’s like to feel otherwise. And my favourite fear. I am just so darn scared all the time. Of change. Of good things. Of future.

~~I would look out the window –the sun began its decent, blistering the sky with red and gold. Then darkness. Everything felt never ending. It was terrifying as the emptiness start to invade my whole existence. During those long nights I would often crave happiness. ~~Written in late 2018~

For so long, I wanted to be happy now I forgot what’s it like to be that. Maybe I will figure it out again. Maybe I need to stop analysing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how I feel, stop deciding exactly what I want, and just see what happens. Maybe.

Be free.


Stop running.

Start dreaming.

This year if I were to make any resulation I hope —I can be brave. I want to be courageous. Take chance in life. To embrace everything that comes in my way. Be optimistic. And stop being afraid. As the wise words of Oprah you only get what you have the courage to ask for. I want to live by that. The anxiety, especially, in the last couple of years has destroyed the sense of everything will be fine. I am constantly worrying. And I want to stop that. I want to learn to let go of fear and start living again without the baggage of something bad happening. To sing, to laugh, to dance. Take on the world -so help me God.

On another note, thank you all for your lovely comments on my post How To Live —I appreciate it. I had a blast reading your thoughts. It was a very personal post. As you might be aware if you are reading me for a while, I am always thinking too much about life and it’s nice to know your thoughts are not much different from mine. You all are angels. And I appreciate you! Because of your continuous support, I write despite not feeling motivated at all. Currently feeling a bit insecure about my writing but I will carry on nonetheless for it brings a huge smile to my face. All these words. To have a safe place to share the tangled thoughts.

Here’s to being brave and being happy.



  1. Shahrin, I hate to see that you’re not doing so well during this pandemic. We’ve all thrown ideas of what to do during this time, but it ultimately lies with you. You’re strong and you’ll get through this. Hang in there!!

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  2. I feel you, it’s like when you’ve been sad for a long time you really don’t know if happiness is this or that, when you feel it you kind of question if this is really it, is this happiness? But just like you said in your other post it’s the little things right? 😊
    Surround yourself with people who are supportive most of the time being brave comes with help. 😉

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  3. Cheers to being brave and happy! You got this. Xx

    Kudos to you for being so open and honest. That itself takes a lot of courage.
    Keep writing because that might in fact be the very key that will help you be brave and happy.

    Smile and stay safe.


  4. Sorry to hear about your feelings of being overwhelmed. We all share and experience it. This time is not easy on anyone. But like you said, we have to be brave and find reasons to hope for better days. If we take it one day at a time, maybe we will make it, eventually. Hugs. Also your blog is very pretty.


  5. It takes a lot of courage to be this open and candid about your feelings. I admire you for that! It’s perfectly okay to feel this bundle of emotions. This is a stressful and challenging time in our world. By allowing yourself to experience these feelings you will be able to move through them and heal. Virtual hugs to you 😊💕

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  6. You write so well Shahrin and are so authentic. I can completely relate to constantly feeling overwhelmed right now and I know so many others are feeling the same way. You are not alone 💕 xx

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  7. I can feel your emotions 💟💟💟
    All I want to say, you are doing a great job in being brave 👏👏
    Hope things will be great for you again💟💟

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  8. Great post, Shahrin!! So true – to be happy sometimes we need to be courageous enough to do something scary. I hope your year is as good as the start has been and fear doesn’t stop you from following your dreams. ❤

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