How I Am Practising Self Love In This Pandemic

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky”

Everyday I am learning to love myself better and I will admit it’s not always easy. To accept everything about yourself, the insecurities, fear of not being good enough to all the inner struggles that keep you awake at night. It’s hard to embrace it all. And I want you to know there’s no shame in admitting it. I am continuing to learn self love is not selfish. Because the more we love ourselves, the better we love others.

2020 has been an absolute rollercoaster for so many of us. The loss, grief, hardships —it took a toll on our mental health and it is still ongoing. I’ve learned that we are not in control of our lives as we may think, and our mental wellbeing dictates how we deal with that. Last few months of 2020 and new year has been quite difficult for me. I have been struggling. A acute sense of fear of bad things will happen caged me. This is being amplified with all that’s happening around us. Therefore, in this post I want to share with you all how I am practising self love in this pandemic.


This will help you discover who you are and what you want. Not only that it provides a *massive* relief for anxiety. I am learning to use it better. Trying to escape fear by writing all my tangled thoughts. This is one of my way to escape fear. I am a natural over thinker. By journaling, I found more time to organise and give structure to my thoughts. It helps to give me peace of mind. I am really, really trying to journal everyday so if you have any tips on that, feel free to share it with me.


I love this. Long conversations with my sister, being able to reflect on past events let’s me appreciate what I have today. It is also a great way to practice gratitude. I will highly recommend to do this more. Take time out to seek out people who motivates you. Have conversations with them. Share your thoughts. It’s not good to build up emotions, every now and again it’s good to let it all out before it explodes inside you. Start talking. I know it can be hard, therefore, choose those who are dear to you. Someone who will understand. Not judge. Be there for you.

Top tip: *You can be the person for others. Lend a ear to those who may be struggling. We all need one another.

Make Time For Little Things In Life

Read a book, make a cup of tea. Bake something. Do more of what makes you happy. Go out for a walk. Treat yourself. Most of all be nice to yourself. This pandemic has turned our world upside down, it’s not the time to count calories, force yourself to be productive, be hard of yourself —it’s time to listen to our body and mind. To know what it wants. If your body is craving a break, take a break. Be kind to your body. Tell yourself you are worthy, you are strong and deserve everything that comes in your way. Believe. I always say, it’s the little things that makes life all that sweeter. Sometimes there isn’t enough of big things to mark life. Make time for the little things because there’s joy init.

I am committing of lot of time and energy into self care and self love. I feel this is the fasted way to heal. To gain inner peace. To take time out of your busy schedule to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. To feel happier and stronger despite the circumstances.



  1. Learning to listen to my body too and it’s been quite the journey because we are conditioned to do the exact opposite. Always pushing ourselves to the limits, denying ourselves food, sleep, rest. Am glad for all the lessons I am learning. More power to you sis

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    1. Trust me! My teenage years was absolute worse it’s only recently I found self love and really putting the effort in self care.

      I am so glad you are listening to your body! We all need to do that.

      Thank you for reading xx


  2. The long deep talks with someone is always therapeutic. Every time me and my best friends would see each other, we always have these talks it’s almost like going to therapy 😄

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  3. I needed this reminder that self care is so important, especially at the moment. Been feeling guilty for not being productive, but this post reminded me to let go of the pressure I am putting on myself and treat myself with kindness ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Wow brilliant!! These are such golden points that you’ve highlighted. It’s really important to just be in tune with out bodies, slow down and do nothing, grab some tea and have a conversation with a friend or loved one… I’m personally grateful for 2020

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  5. Nice to hear that you are taking care of yourself x it’s also nice to hear to unwind. Felt guilty for not doing much today but I deserved the break, so thank you for reminding me ❤️ Hopefully the new year brings better days ❤️❤️

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      1. I love coloring a lot, it’s just so relaxing, also a strolling with my favourite music on, making coffee or Maggie just for me

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