Things To Do To Self Soothe

Self Soothe is something we all learnt when we were younger. It is one of our infant skills to regulate our emotions by ourselves without needing our parents/gurdian. Sometimes while travelling in the messy roads of life we forget our very vital skill. Sometimes we have to learn it all over again. All these emotions —it’s good to know how to manage it.

I refer back to self soothing to assist me while experiencing episodes of intense anxiety or other overwhelming emotions. I often find myself going back to doing all those things I will be sharing with you today. These are difficult times. The struggle continues. We may find ourselves highly stressed, feeling out of control, fustrated, angry. Sometimes heavy and depressed, other times highly anxious.

Self soothing techniques help you to clam and relax. They help you to regulate your emotions. Gives you moment to just breathe. The same way when babies are fussy, parents pat the child’s back or rock them gently to sleep.

These are all the things that help me to self soothe and I hope you find them useful.

Aroma Therapy

I love candles. Lighting them during winter, in those dark evenings provides me with a cosy space. All the time I am discovering new scents –one of my favourite things to do in John Lewis. Now I am lighting orange blossom and jasmine scented candle.

Watch A Movie

RomComs are the way. It always soothes me seeing people falling in love in anything but organic circumstances. What’s not to love about happy endings.

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Wear Fluffy Socks

I love my sock collections. One of my favourite things to shop for in winter is fancy socks. It just speaks winter to me.

Favourite Hot Drink

On a cold day it’s everything to indulge in a hot chocolate. As the night draws in while watching Cameron Diaz falling in love, add mashmellow, chocolate, cinnamon to anything that takes your fancy. Currently I am enjoying herbal tea range. Twinnings superblends always does the trick.

Go For A Walk

This winter I am making the most of living next to a “forest”. Not exactly a forest but close enough. Trees, river, ducks, deserted railways, fields –it’s quite something. Have socially distanced walks with your friends –it lifts your mood.

Decorate Your Space

Make it fancy. A space where you like to sit and ponder, choose any corner of your house and tidy it up, put your favourite thing near it, add some fairy lights, comfy cushions and you have your perfect space to relax.

Sleep Early

One must to do that to feel relaxed. We just need a bit of rejunivation. Go to bed early, leave your phone behind.

Read For Fun

I love reading, especially feel good books. Pick a genre you like. Or a pretty cover. Or a favourite author. Anything. Just a pick a book and discover the magic of reading. I can confidently say, it will transform your life.

Listen To Music

Whenever I am feeling down I like to put some upbeat tunes and dance like nobody’s watching. There’s always music to cater to your every mood. Make the most of it.

Journal Your Thoughts

We bloggers can’t write enough of Journaling. There are so many benefits of it. Keep a diary. Write your thoughts. It doesnt have to make sense, just put pen to paper. It is therapeutic.

Enjoy Nature

Last but not the least. My absolute favourite. Whether it’s the droplets of rain, flakes of snow, colors of the leaves, patterns of the clouds, the vast sky, birds flying across it, the moon, starts –there’s so much for us to enjoy and appreciate. God has blessed us with this world, filled it with so many beautiful things and creatures –take full benefit of it. Let us see all there is to see before we can’t see anymore.

I hope you can take something away from this. What scented candle is your favourite? What are your things to do to self soothe?


    1. Wow! Cardio exercise —good on you! I could only do as far as running up and down the stairs😂.

      Reading is my absolute favourite. Always need a book in my hand. What are you reading at the moment? x


  1. You like all my favorites… I do look baths as well, sometimes detox, always with something scented and heavenly. There is something about good smells that’s calls me right down

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, yes, yes. I haven’t had a bath in a while, might try it this afternoon.
      In the winter, I always light candles, it somehow lifts the tiresome nature of January.

      What’s your favourite scent? x


  2. Enjoying a hot drink and spending time in nature always makes me feel better! I’ve also recently been experimenting with aroma therapy. I found a ceramic diffuser and some essential oils created to help you feel relaxed. I put it in my yoga corner and I really like it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That sounds like a great idea! I am trying to experiment with essential oils, I have heard they are really good.

      I am trying to get into yoga —do you have any beginner recommendation?

      Thank you for reading Suzanne🤗 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I’m still a beginner myself but before I got started I picked up a yoga book from the library so I could study up on some of the poses. It helped when I was trying to keep up with a yoga video. I also kept my yoga mat right in the middle of my bedroom floor for a while so I had a visual reminder to practice. 🧘🏼‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

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