Why Vulnerability Is Not A Weakness

I touched briefly on this on my earlier post and I knew I needed to write a standalone post on vulnerability because I have a lot to say. Finally, I am in a position where I understood many things about life and vulnerability being one of them. I am confident in my vulnerability I can’t believe I am writing this sentence for I hated myself for being vulnerable.

On every notebook, with every tear that would roll down my cheeks I used to utter I will not remain vulnerable. I wouldn’t let this world to walk all over me. I wouldn’t let people exploit my weakness. I can’t even being to tell you how many times under the duvet on the wet pillow, make promises with God please, please make me strong. I didn’t know I was already strong for I had the ability to bear it all. To endure. To stay headstrong despite feeling my heart breaking into pieces.

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There would be days when the sun is shining, the warm glow would fall on my face and I would marvel at my sheer determination to endure and people at large who are doing the same. Life works in mysterious ways. It makes you strong. The things you never associate with yourself start happening to you and you can do it all and, you surprise yourself at your ability.

As tempting as it may be to not feel the pain, and as tempting as it may be to hide your vulnerability to show you are strong —don’t fall for it. The pain you have experienced will allow you to recognise the boundaries you need to set. It stops you from inflicting pain on others. It stops you from treating others wrongfully.

Thank you to all those who looked down on me because of my vulnerability, for you I have learned the power of kindness, hope and faith.

Be vulnerable.

Stay vulnerable.

Being broken doesn’t mean you are some way abnormal it just makes you —YOU! Don’t let anybody tell you just because you are broken it makes you lesser than others. I may be broken but I had the patience and the resilience to pick the pieces up for myself. To learn to love myself again. Come in terms with everything I have been through. It is my story. It is your story. Own it. Define it.

Vulnerability is important.

We are so hard on ourselves. It is important to take a moment. Breathe. Walk down the memory lane and see what we have achieved.

The grief we think have burdened us only gone onto soften our hearts. The heartaches paved the way to self love. The rejections that lead to self-discoveries. Despite everthing, we learned to grow. Took every hardships as lessons.

Be proud of that.

Be proud of every vulnerability that made you who you are.

Being vulnerable means you have feelings, willing to give your all. Being gentle and understanding of human emotions. It makes us human. Whoever doesn’t appreciate your vulnerability doesn’t deserve to be in your life. You have the utmost love to give —don’t sell yourself short.


  1. There are so many who will relate to this. I have also only come to terms with being vulnerable and proud to be vulnerable in the last few years. It still sometimes makes me feel worse though ❤

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    1. I didn’t think many would relate to this, I am glad we are able to talk about vulnerability without feeling some kind of way. It’s all about accepting and believing that it’s okay to be vulnerable. It makes us the extra bit special✨🥰

      Thank you for reading🧡 xx


  2. I can so relate to this, I am the most vulnerable person here, and sometimes the greed of being tough, strongly takes over but one weak moment and I am back to square one…. This post makes me feel alright 💟💟💟💟

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    1. It’s a continuous process Vani. The same happens to me but I have learned, overtime, to overcome it. It’s all about believing vulnerability is not a weakness —it just makes us the extra bit special🙌🏽💕 xx

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  3. I so feel you, girl! I’ve been an extremely vulnerable person most of my life and people have made me feel like I’m weak because of that to the extent that I just shut off people when I’d get emotional. It’s definitely not a weakness but I’d say pick the right people to be vulnerable with. Not everyone deserves your vulnerability. 😊

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    1. I am sorry you had to go through that. I too made distance with people because I am always scared of people coming close to me. You are right —you got to choose who you want to vulnerable with.

      Thank you for reading✨🤗 x

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