What I Learnt About Love

Well, by the end of this blogging journey I would be one of those wise aunts. The truth is I am always learning. This may be why there will be a lot of “what I have learned” posts in future. With the upcoming red roses, chocolates, teddy bears, first dates through zoom filled 14th February, I thought why not put my two cents into the maze of love.

Love. Love. Love. One of the those beautiful moments when it happens. In today’s post, I will be sharing with you all the things I have learned about love. If you are interested, keep on reading.

You Have To Love Yourself To Love Others

Love start with yourself.

Yes. Biggest yes you will ever hear. The more we love ourselves, the better we love others. For any relationship to blossom, you got to love yourself with all your heart. This is the way you save yourself from self-doubt, self rejections, and it prevents you from losing yourself. I know some may disagree, but I truly believe when we practice self-love, our relationships with others become easier. It makes us stronger, confident, and a more secure person. You are empowered, you know your boundaries and know when to walk out. Overall, we are in a healthy place to invest time and energy into a long and sustainable relationship. You get to experience all the wonderful things that comes with falling in love without the toxicity.

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Closures Are A Myth

What breaks you, won’t heal you. What loves you won’t leave you.

I don’t get it. I will never get it. I just don’t understand the point of rehashing old wounds. Those catch up videos with ex’s never got through my head. It’s in the past. Why allow it to come to your future. There’s always a reason why we leave that person, the heartbreaks, why go over the whole process again. By them telling me why we broke up isn’t going to heal those wounds that may have occurred. Those reasonings never going to save the late night tears. It’s best to leave it alone. Keep it where it belongs: behind you. Closures never healed anyone. They are just words. Words. The philosophy that I live by is people come in your life for a reason. When it’s time they will leave. This is because when it’s the right time we will met our person —they will stay for a lifetime. Don’t lose your breathe.

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Don’t Change To Be Loved

This you mustn’t do. You deserve to be loved unconditionally and you will. This goes hand in hand with self love. Don’t make excuses for someone who is not treating you well. This is only part of life where everything is either black or white. These are the two option: someone who treats you with love and respect and someone who doesn’t. You don’t need to change for people to accept you. Because here’s the thing, if you change for a person to love you, they are not loving the real you. Embrace every part of yourself. Instead of hiding behind a veil of someone you’re not, be yourself in this world, it will make you even more attractive. It’s our uniqueness that makes us beautiful.

Be Open To Love

To end love shouldn’t be hard. Enjoy the process. Let go of the past, embrace what the future has in store. You deserve everything that comes your way. Love is a beautiful thing —don’t close it off. Let yourself free. When we are in love our attitude towards life changes, everything is brighter, better and we are inspired. Those memories will last a lifetime.

I want to leave you with this quote:

The man or woman you choose to be your partner affects everything in your life. Your mental health, your peace of mind, your love inside you, your happiness, how you get through tragedies, your successes, how your children will be raised, and much more. Choose wisely.

Book: The Modern Brake Up


  1. I now see closure as more one sided. It’s when you get to your own point of acceptance and understand why that relationship happened and ended but without involving that person. Feel like sometimes you just suddenly have a moment of clarity.
    Loving yourself first is most important 😍

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes🙌🏽You have said it perfectly, finding your own clarity and acceptance with the other person. More like coming in terms with the situation at your own pace.

      Loving yourself is always a must🧡

      Thank you for reading😘 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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