When Good Things Happen…

How does it feel like?

I have always wondered. How does one feel when their dreams come true. Well, something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago, my life changed, in a very good way. The problem was I didn’t understand just how to react to it. I was happy that much was sure but it wasn’t just happiness —it was a lingering sadness that refused to leave me even with a piece of life-changing news.

The reason for writing this post as I found my self crying in the morning, staring out the window while sipping on my coffee. I was surprised to find my checks wet because I didn’t have any reason to shed tears. I guess we all react differently to good news after a long time.


I think I touched on this briefly previously but —it was pretty clear from the beginning I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t grasp the idea of something really good has happened to me. I have carved for it happen for so long, imagined how I would feel, rehearsed the moment in my head but real life was much different than I could have ever envisioned. Even weeks later, all I can say is I feel overwhelmed. With that I must precede.

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A lot of you might relate to this, with added anxiety even good things after a while feels like bad. The thought process is this: something bad is bound to happen because a good thing just happened. It doesn’t make sense but it’s a constant in my mind. I am always on alert —something is to go wrong, too many good things not going to happen at once. I start to think about the future, far ahead, what will happen then. Now is clear but few months, years down the line —what will happen. I got through this problem but can I get through that problem and, problems after that. And on and on it goes. Non-stop.


I told my sister, this only goes to show looking at the pattern of my behaviour over the weeks, nothing is satisfactory in life. Even those moments you craved all your life, meticulously planned how it will change your life (it does change it) but for everything to sink in, it will take time. I found it just best to enjoy those little moments than those extraordinary ones. The long hugs, morning tea, flowers, sound of rain to reading a good book. The small joys of everyday.


But most of all count all the blessings that came my way. It has taken a lot of sacrifices and hard work to get to the good news. Might as well be brave enough to enjoy every moment that took so much out of me to get to it. If you are anything like me and are constantly afraid of something terrible happening, please keep in mind good things are waiting to happen for you. In the meantime cherish all those beautiful moments that made you feel happy. Be grateful. Rest, recover, be kind to yourself and know bad times are temporary. I know it’s not always easy to navigate through life when anxiety is coming at you with full force, remember those bad thoughts doesn’t control you. You are strong. You can get through this as well and enjoy all the good moments life is kind enough to give you. I am telling myself every day to appreciate all the opportunities of life without being a prisoner of my mind. I have good days and bad days and today I am choosing to soak in the possibilities of what’s to come and I hope you can do that too.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this. I am going through a big transition in my life and I might be off from this but I will try my best to keep on schedule. Let me know what you think —I love to hear from you.



  1. I am also waiting for that ‘good thing’ to happen in my life, the wait has been so long now, still waiting……
    Reading your experience makes me feel happy, gave me an insight into how I am gonna react if that thing will happen…. And yes I can relate to that something bad is gonna happen for sure thing…
    Anyways I am really happy for you💟💟

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    1. Aw Vani✨It will happen. Whatever we ever want, all of it comes true. I am not even stretching it —it’s a fact. It will bring the ‘thing’ you want and all the more with it.

      Embrace the everyday moments and go with the flow. I am learning to do that more.

      Thank you so much🤗Here’s all my fingers and toes crossed for your ‘good thing’ to happen. If you need a chat —I am always here😘🧡 xx

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  2. Babe, I’m so happy that something good is happening in your life. ❤️

    I totally agree with you – I feel overwhelmed when something good happens to me. I even find if hard to share with people thinking that something bad will follow. But I’m trying to embrace and enjoy the moment. 😊

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    1. That’s so sweet Moksha✨🧡

      Same! I don’t like to share it with others thinking I might jinx it🙈Me too. Hopefully we will get to the other side where we can enjoy everything that comes in our way without overthinking it too much.

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment💕 xx

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    1. That’s so kind🧡Thanks, so much. Most days I am mega excited for the future —it’s the odd days but I am learning to embrace the good side.

      Thank you so much for reading🧡 xx


  3. This is so relatable! I also freak out when good things happen to me because it feels like things will soon turn south. It’s not normal or healthy, but it’s great that you’ve identified this and are appreciative of your blessings.

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    1. When good things happen you want to be all happy but the damn anxiety doesn’t let you. This is the time it’s so important to look for those pockets of peace and appreciate them.

      Thanks so much for your kind words✨🧡 xx

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  4. Thanks for your reminder. I could totally relate when you say you expect terrible things to come when good things happen to you.
    Whatever that good news is, I wish you luck. I hope that overwhelming feeling lasts upon you 🙂

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