To Get To Happiness…

Few days ago I wrote a post about about When Good Things Happen and I talked about how when good things happen —happiness is not exactly how I pictured it. In today’s post I want to discuss what is happiness and how to get to it. I always like to explore the deeper meanings of contentment, happiness and timing of our lives. I want to know how each feelings contributes in our daily lives. When I first started my blog it was all about reflective thoughts, my journey to find the serene place and those everyday struggles with the lingering sadness. I come a long way since I started this blog and the meaning of a lot things has changed as I have evolved and understood life in a way that matters to me.

If you are interested in reading my abstract thoughts on happiness —let’s get going.

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It will happen organically. Happiness is a bit like a relationship or finding the one. First of all do not wait for societies idea of what you need to be happy. The notion that big things like getting a job, finding love, buying a house to going on a holiday will get you the contentment you crave —is not always accurate. No things can get you to contentment. It comes from within, in my opinion. It’s better to just go with the flow. Happiness is a feeling, we cannot force it. It took me a long time to understand what true happiness is —I will tell you— it is much different from societal view because by constantly waiting to be happy, and chasing the feeling we make ourselves feel anxious. We put so much pressure on ourselves. We set a criteria that is impossible to match.

I will let you into a secret that changed my understanding of happiness —no one can be happy 100% of the time. It’s not possible. So many factors contribute to that, mainly social media. Sometimes it can be hard to recognise happiness when it hits us because we are so busy looking for something else. When we come to terms with the idea that there will be bad days and good days and happiness isn’t all about staying happy all the time —it’s about welcoming life. To being open.


Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. Please live. Stop waiting and start living. Most people say when living out the last days of their lives that they wish they didn’t waste their life by chasing materialistic things or having a sky-high to-do list. We must cherish every day that we get to live. We are one of those lucky ones —to be blessed with a life, knowing we still have possibilities is a luxury not everyone is privileged enough to have. Don’t waste the one life you are given by chasing, waiting, and holding back. Live boldly. Take chances. Be uncomfortable to get to your perfect zone.

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No ones life is perfect. No social media tells you the full story. Stop searching for happiness by comparing your life with others. I read a quote on Instagram few days ago and it really struck me: Stop comparing yourself. Flowers are pretty but so are sunsets and they look nothing alike. I always say we cannot and must not seek contentment through social media. Those sun-kissed picture are not it. No holidays or the one will get you to your happiness. It’s a feeling that you must find from within. Let go of the idea of perfection. Nothing and no one is perfect. Perfection is not happiness. Everyone’s picture of happiness is different. It’s the feeling of dance in your feet when you wake up in the morning, when you know the world is filled with possibilities and knowing you cannot contain the feeling all day long— is the real deal.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Do let me know what are your thoughts about happiness.



  1. You’re right Shahrin we can’t totally be happy in life like 100% of the time, there’s always going to be little imperfections and problems. The things we see in social media and in the society that we need to do this and get that are the unrealistic standards that most people believe, therefore they chase it claiming it’s happiness when it’s not until they run out of time. I think reaching contentment and true happiness is like what you said by starting to live with no burden of what other people might say.

    This is really thought provoking, every time I come here you always write something worthy to read. ❤️🤗

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    1. My thoughts exactly Joana. Once we free ourselves from the preconceived notions of happiness and find our own meaning of happiness —life becomes so much easier.

      That’s to sweet. Thank you so much for your kind words🧡You are lovely😘xx


  2. I love how you say that we are the lucky ones because it is SO TRUE. Being here is a privilege and chasing unrealistic versions of happiness is only going to make us miserable. It is a hard lesson to learn but it is so true and so important x

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    1. You are right it’s hard lesson to learn but it makes life so much easier✨We decide what makes us happy, it comes from within and it’s about time we accept that.

      Thank you for your lovely comment Alice😘 xx


  3. Great post! I think we all strive for perfection without realising there is not such thing as perfect. People we think are perfect have their flaws too and that’s okay. All we can do is our best and we need to stop beating ourselves down over things we can’t change.

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  4. No social media tells you the true story 👌👌👌👌 spot on!!!!
    Anything on social media always filters out struggle or hard work part and letting go of perfection is also a valid point, in order to be perfect people lose their sanity sometimes 😶😶
    Loved this post

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    1. Correct✨It’s about time that all of us collectively say everything in social media is not as it looks.

      While I was writing it —I was like “what is even perfection”?! You are right it takes your sanity sometimes.

      You are always so lovely Vani🧡Thank you for all your support🥰 xx

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  5. Being truly happy in life is something that I don’t think is achievable for everyone. Now I don’t mean that there are people out there who have never been happy. But I mean being truly content and happy with life. I go through waves of happiness, which are probably situational. If something good happens i usually am in a state of happiness. I’m never consistently happy. I don’t wake up everyday with a big smile on my face. And im sure alot of other people are the same.

    Happiness is a journey, and one I am learning to ride the wave of. Some days im happier than others. And some days im not happy at all.

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    1. I agree with you 100% here Olivia🙌🏽 Being truly happy is almost a myth. Like you said you can’t be happy all the time.
      Once I have realised that —I tend to me more acceptable of life as it comes and this in turn makes me feel happy more often than not. It’s a journey.

      Thanks so much for reading😘 xx

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