Blog Posts To Read This Weekend

I am so excited to write this. I had quite a difficult time selecting just 6 posts but know —you all writers out there are mega amazing. These are my faves that put a huge smile on my face in between a hectic week. The last two months was quite something for me, with each day it seemed like I am getting busier so it took a lot out of me to stay on schedule. My respect for the bloggers that publish a blog post every day is on another level —because I know just how hard it is to do that. From creative slum, writer blocks to maintaining a blog —it is a full-time job. There I said it. It’s legit so much work.

This is an appreciation post for all you wonderful bloggers that blessed me with different topics to read about every week. You kept me sane. For that I thank you! If you are wondering what to read and somehow fiction isn’t cutting it —please clear your weekend, enjoy these posts and maybe snoop around their page to gift yourself with relatable reading material. Grab a coffee or tea and let’s get on with it.

Letter To My Younger Self by Moksha. This was beautifully written. While reading this post I almost felt I was seeing myself through her words. I love it when bloggers write these letters, it’s intimate yet powerful in a way it connects to the reader. Moksha has a way with her words.

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving by Alice. I absolutely loved reading this. It was one of my favourite reads of the morning —she touched on self-discovery to feeling lost in childhood, which I could relate to on so many levels. A insightful read.

4 Tips For Managing Pandemic Anxiety by Olivia. This pandemic we all struggled with anxiety and when a genuine post like this comes up on your feed —it’s a win-win. I always loved Olivia’s writing —she almost reminds me of Zoella —one of my all time favourite YouTuber. Her words are sweet yet firm in the way she reminds you —you are not alone.

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Miss Living In Japan by Shelly. I know for most people Japan is on their to visit countries. Here in this post, Shelly writes with the warmth of her experience of living in Japan and explores the joys and difficulties of maintaining a life there. I love the way Shelly writes, it feels like she’s inviting me into her place for chitchat.

Thoughts: Is Equality Really Possible by Imi. This may be one of the post after the Sarah Everard case that really spoke to me. I always appreciate Imi’s thoughtful take on current issues. She addresses them head on with a human touch. Her words forces you to think.

Story: Diary Of A Housewife’s Dream by Vani. A beautiful storyteller. Her writing always warms my heart. This was my personal favourite. I was never a short story kinda girl but since following Vani’s blog —I am in love. Check out this one, it’s filled with sweet surprises.

That’s it for today. Leave your favourite blog post for the week in the comments and I will make sure to check them out.


  1. Aww, thank you so much for including me in this list and thank you for the praise. 🤗
    I love when bloggers help others discover new blogs to follow. I’m following everyone on your list other than Alice and I’m going to go checkout her blog now. Thanks for the recommendation. The other bloggers are my favourites too! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are welcome Moksha😘I love your writing.

      And yes check out Alice —she’s awesome!
      It just goes to show we have become a one big community where we all know one another. It’s great! x

      Liked by 1 person

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