4 Facts About Me

I have seen quite a few posts like this and it was great fun to read them. It allows you to get to know the person behind the screen and it has become my favourite topic to read about in WordPress, so I thought why not do one of my own. Other than the fact that I read a LOT there isn’t much you know about me. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you into my world and get to know me a little bit now that we all are besties.

This is very light hearted —so please don’t expect anything crazy. Without further ado, if you are interested in getting to know me a little better, grab a tea or coffee and it’s getting into it.

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This might not come as a surprise given English is not my first language. I speak fluent Bengali and understand a bit of French, Hindi and Urdu. I was quite the girl back in the days when I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs in Bengali but I have lost my rhythm with the alphabets recently and it takes a long while to finish writing a sentence. Bengali is such a beautiful language —its pitch and tone are subtle yet sweet in the way each word is pronounced. There are many different dialects in Bengali and each of them is unique in its ways.


I want you to know this has no sentimental value whatsoever. It’s a habit I picked up when I was younger and I can’t seem to live without it now. Every couple of years I change the teddy bear and replace it something I fancy. Even as I am writing this —it sounds so weird but I honestly can’t help it. It almost act as a comforter and without it I cannot sleep. The only way I could explain it is —without it next to me, it feels empty. For me to have a good night sleep, I need my teddy bear. To a point I carry it with me to every sleepover.


I take no pride in writing this. It’s not fun to be in your late teens and still look about 10. I am 21 and going into 22 and I still can go for 15 years old. Before I used to be embarrassed of looking younger than I am but now I think with the under 19 bus-fare at my stride —at least it saves me some much needed cash. With each passing year I think, I will be 30 and still look about 18. It’s so annoying whenever I have a parcel delivered to my house, I would need to call a “grown-up” to receive it as no way can I convince the delivery man I am indeed over 18 years old. Someone even had the audacity (I mean, I was fuming) to say “what school do you go to” when I was volunteering because they genuinely thought I was about 13. To think that day I was wearing my big girl clothes.


Okay. It sounds very antisocial but I cannot be bothered to text people. I don’t know how people do it, constantly on their phone, typing away, so focused on writing whatever they want to. That may explain why I don’t have many friends, I am not one of those that speaks to their friends every day, but they know I am there for them and vice versa. I used to be known as No Shahrin emergency in my college days, fittingly, as I would response to your text probably next day at the earliest and I sleep with my phone on aeroplane mode. They were right —don’t come to me in emergencies, I would be either doing the following: watching sports, reading or making dumb jokes to my sister.

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I really hope you enjoyed reading this. I certainly had a lot of fun writing it. Do let me know if you were surprised by any of it.


  1. Hahaha you sound just like me!!! I also used to sleep with a teddy – even when I got married! And then when I had a baby girl, I gave all my teddies to her, and kinda just snapped out of the habit.
    Well, no emergency Shahrin, you have every right to switch off and just enjoy your evening!

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  2. This was great to learn more about you! I like interacting with people face-to-face, not through technology (when immediate responses are expected). My phone is on silent all the time and I just check it a couple times a day and respond to everything at once.😀

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  3. Ooh Bengali is such a beautiful language. I only know some sentences in Bengali but it sounds really beautiful. I’ve always thought that anyone that speaks French is so HOT! 😬
    Wow – looking younger is such a boon! I’d give anything to look 5 years younger. 🥺
    Hehe I don’t mind texting but I just can’t talk on the phone. I purposely avoid answering calls- I watch the call ring till the person hangs up and then message them in 5 minutes apologizing for missing their call. 🙈

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