2 Books + 1 Extra

I can’t remember the last time I have written a book review. It certainly feels like a while ago —maybe because I am not having much luck with books recently. I am trying my best to finish The Mirror & The Light which I suspect will take me a while to get rid of as I am struggling to focus on anything other than a flow-y storyline and absolute easy reads. Today I woke up with an agenda that I want to write about what I have been reading, so here we are —welcome to this post and I hope you will stick around to see my 5 star read.

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By Tess Gerritson ✨✨✨ 3/5

Credit: @lottireadsalot

When Ava arrives at her summer escape, Brodie’s Watch, she thinks she’s found the perfect place to hide from her past. All she wants is to forget. But the old house on the hill both welcomes and repels her, and Ava quickly begins to suspect she is not alone. Either that or she is losing her mind.

The house is full of secrets, but is the creeping sense of danger coming from within its walls, or from somewhere else entirely?

I don’t even know where to begin with this. I just finished it last night. This was sitting around in my book shelf for the longest time and I thought why not have a read. Plus the protagonist was a food writer —I mean that just sold it to me. Other than the horror, erotic romance —the storyline was pretty decent. I just wish the author took more time in developing the mystery aspect of the novel than the horror crap —it would have been a good read.


By Lucy Foley ✨✨✨✨ 4/5

Credit: @danielle.readss

Each has a secret, each has a motive. Off the windswept Irish coast, guests gather for the wedding of the year.

Old friends, past grudges. Happy families, hidden jealousies. Thirteen guests, one body.

You might have heard about Lucy Foley as the modern Agatha Christie. I truly feel with The Guest List the author has outdone herself. I did not see the twist coming. It was layered beautifully, a classic whodunnit with secrets and lies at every turn. This one has a lot to say about unfounded privileges, mob mentality and how society treats victims of abuse and harassment.

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by Joanna Glen ✨✨✨✨✨ 5/5

Augusta has no interest in the going-ons of the small town where she lives with her parents and her beloved twin sister, Julia.

When an unspeakable tragedy upends everything in Augusta’s life, she’s propelled headfirst into the unknown. She’s determined to find where she belongs – but what if her true home, and heart, are half a world away?

My 5-star read. What a book! The novel is about feeling lost, finding hope, developing connections and accepting your identity. Augusta is always looking for the contentment that her twin seemed to carry effortlessly. She is clever, brave and eager to learn new words. At first, Burundi takes her breath away, then Spain captures her imagination.

We get two perspective, Prepait and Augusta. Two people world apart and as the story progresses, we know they will meet but the author’s writing keeps you flicking the pages to know more about them and their different paths in life.

I loved Prepait character, orphaned at a young age, he’s too craving for a better life for himself and his siblings. Given up on Burundi’s ability to provide them with peace and freedom, he settled on crossing the sea from Africa to Europe.

What conspires is the loss, the determination to seek a life full of hope —the costs for this is heartbreaking —it’s enlightening to hear the perspective of refugees crossing the sea. No one wants to leave their home, loved ones, but they are forced to. It’s a breath of fresh air —the author has done a splendid job in her storytelling. A beautiful read. Highly recommend. Keep the tissues at bay.

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Let me know if you have read anything from the list. What are you reading at the moment? Send some recommendations my way.


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