Things To Do When Feeling Unmotivated In Blogging

When you look up the word unmotivated in a dictionary—you will see my face pop up. I don’t know what has happened for the last couple of weeks but I am constantly behind schedule for this blog. I hope you can’t tell too much because I am trying. For those weeks I have been writing each post just a day, and sometimes a few hours before posting and I am not too thrilled about the process. I think it happens a lot with creativity, one minute you are top of your game and the next you can’t bear to write a sentence. The funny thing is all the ideas come to me at times when I am occupied with either cooking, showing or my favourite falling asleep. This is when I would know exactly what to write in my blog post —word by word I have prepared in my head but as soon as I open the word document I am no good. There’s nothing there. I am all empty. It’s so frustrating —I can’t even.

If you are like me and are struggling to find motivation—I got you. In this post, I will share some of the things that have been helping me find my foot back into writing/blogging. Caution though —I am still not at my optimum self but with each day I am feeling I am getting back on track.

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This has been the most beneficial for me. I will tell you about myself: this post, for example, was the product of me feeling frustrating with my lack of scheduling and writing ahead. Sometimes I feel when I am going through these phases, just making sentences hard for me and when I can write a whole post without much procrastination—I feel so much better as a whole. Therefore my top advice would be to write it as you feel it. You cannot access your frustration when you are feeling happy about something. If a good thing has occurred around the weekend, just write about it —it becomes so much easier to put words into sentences. It certainly does for me.

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I always find reassuring and motivating when I spend a lot time in WordPress reader. That may be why I am subscribe to every blog page out there —it sparks my desire to write more often. I mentioned it in my “inspiration for blogging” post —comments sections and just interacting with fellow bloggers encourages me to write and share my thoughts. Because remember most us blog as we love doing it and when you go back to the core reasoning; you can see the bloggers love, patience and hard work through their posts; which really act as a catalyst for me to get back to doing what I love doing —it just makes everything easier. At the end of the day it’s just you and your words.


This is mandatory when nothing is seeming to click. I found this is a method to try it out if you are struggling —it includes taking a break on the weekdays and get to writing on weekends. That might give you the room to relax and if ideas come to you, don’t write it just yet, simply jot down all the ideas and start writing on weekends with plenty of materials in front of you.

As we all know, blogging is a full-time job and it requires an extra amount of work on top of having an actual job and everyday life. But blogging is fun. When we lose the fun aspect —it becomes tricky. This is why I encourage myself and others to take breaks as frequently as possible because it re-energises the mind, bursting with ideas that you won’t share, rather than writing aimlessly without feeling anything.

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I hope you understand where I was coming from and are able to take away some things. Lastly, don’t feel guilty if you are falling behind scheduling because it’s all good.


  1. This is so me, I have all the words ready in my mind, structure, layout, and everything ready but the moment I start typing, gone!!!! Everything gone!!!!!
    These are some useful tips shahrin 👏👏👏

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    1. Same girl, same! We just got to chill and it will come.

      I am glad it has been helpful and in no time you will get back to where you was before. Try not to pressure yourself😘 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is exactly how I have been feeling recently. Even if I have the words in my head, when I come to writing them, it’s like there’s a wall in the way, blocking them from coming out. I have found allowing myself not to force writing and taking time away has really helped. Great post ❤

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