5 Things I Am Grateful For

Hi, how are you doing?

I am so happy to be writing again, truth to be told I have lost all my motivation for it. After much procrastination – I am here and with a list. You know how much I love a list, in today’s post I want to talk about gratitude; things that have put a big smile on my face, a mixture of big and small. I often enjoy reading posts on gratitude and seeing all the things that have made someone feel grateful.

I am starting to journal again and it’s something I would always recommend. It’s a good way to declutter your mind, practice gratitude and allow yourself to be reflective of what’s happening around you. It can be so easy to immerse yourself in the buzz of daily life and forget to take notice of things that are happening right now. I found while writing this a moment to check myself, be more appreciative and stop over-analysing everything. Things will turn out just fine. On that note, let’s get on with it..

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I have been so stressed out lately, frequent panic attacks and overall feeling so exhausted – I am so glad to be fasting right now. If you aren’t aware, Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslim around the world as a month of fasting, prayers, reflections, and community. I don’t know what it is about this month – but it automatically makes me feel calmer. I feel spiritually more content, motivated and after a long while relaxed.


A exhausting process. All I am feeling recently is aches and pain in random places. But the house is amazing and I am so happy to be *properly* start adulting. It’s daunting to have so many responsibilities at once, but I think I will be fine. New area to explore, to familiarise me with everything and so much more – I am looking forward to a summer filled with possibilities. This house hunting has taken toll on me and to be able to finally settle down is a big relief. That is why I have been so busy – I apologise in advance if I have not been active on WordPress, I am really trying.


Yes, spring! The lockdown is slowly easing, good weather, people out and about – what more do you need. My second favourite time of the year – blooming flowers, the excitement of summer, to finally say goodbye to windy, damp weather, floral dresses, long walks – all things good happens in spring, well that’s what I believe.

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I do appreciate the time I spend with my loved ones. It refreshes your inner being. This pandemic has taught us to appreciate the little moments, make the most out of living with our loved ones. Feel blessed to have all those people around you who deeply care about you. So go and spend quality time with your loved ones. Detox yourself and enjoy good company.


This has to be the one. For me change is petrifying, I am not too fond of change, despite wanting things to move forward in life and whenever that happens I become too overwhelmed to deal with all the changes. Bad thoughts starts to linger, uninvited fear, frequent panic attacks – it’s just a mess. Having said that I am quite proud of myself for getting through everything without too much damage. Each day I am reminding myself not to be scared of change rather embrace it to get the full feel of life.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this. I am excited to get back to writing again. It may take a while to find the rhythm but I am here for it. I am looking forward to reading all your posts and in the meantime do let me know what are you grateful for.



  1. Welcome back to writing and it’s such a great thing you’ve done going back to journaling. A great gratitude list you have.

    I’m grateful for life, good health, loving family, and hope to keep going and being present in my moments.

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