Blogging Insecurities

11:00 A little late but have a lot to say. How days turn into months is a mystery. The phrase “time flies” couldn’t be more true right now. I have been blogging for a good few years now, a lot has changed since then. I am a completely different person from then – a new perspective as a blogger writing about different things, adapting, learning and dare I say finding myself in this overcrowded platform. Forming a little corner on the Internet just for myself. There are so many sites on the Internet, each one more unique than the other. Because I love to read, especially about people’s lives – I follow a lot of lifestyle/personal sites from every corner of the internet. And sometimes consuming all the amazing content I feel as though I am an imposter – not fitting in the elite team.

I remember when I first started writing many years back – it was brave move which I didn’t anticipate to carry on for this long. After a very long time I am struggling to understand why I am writing, why sharing these stories now feel like a burden. It’s an odd one. Recently all I am doing is procrastinating when it comes to writing and being so incredibly busy is not helping. Every topic I want to write about seeems like already been done by someone and in a much better light. I am big believer of writing it as I am feeling so welcome to this post. I thought I would share some tips with you about tackling blogging insecurities for the benefit of both you and me. If you are interested let’s get going:

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The thing with blogging is, regardless of the numbers you have on your site – it’s the authenticity that matters. I always use myself as an example of the blogs I read, the way I engage with other content creators is because I like the person they have created with their words. I connect with those stories. It’s all because of the personal touch they add – it’s their uniqueness that makes me visit their page again and again. A good blog post is all I need when I am feeling a bit blue. For the longest time, I had this one and only loyal viewer that would connect with my post regularly and it meant a lot to me.

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I have learned so much in 6 months about blogging than in the past 2 and a half years. I would probably need to do a 6 part series to outline my blogging mistakes, and I continue to make them. And it’s okay. It’s those failed attempts that makes you want to try the extra bit harder. It’s okay to go at your own pace. Some months I am on top of my game and others I can barely keep to my schedule – this is all part of a learning curve. My advice would be to try to have fun, don’t put too much pressure on it. Blogging should be easy don’t complicate things unnecessarily. Find your rhythm and enjoy the words you write – that is what matters at the end of the day.


The most important one I believe – do not to compare yourself with other bloggers. Something I am learning each day that you got to do your own thing. Blogging is much like fiction – very broad and vast – everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes more people may connect with one story better than the other and that’s completely fine. All we have to do is enjoy the story we are telling, the perks of adding your words, finding the right sentence, sharing your thoughts – all of these should be something we look forward to doing. Not to complicate, not to compare but to enjoy the process. Don’t let those bad days get to you because there are too many good days to enjoy. Remember blogging is something you do for yourself.

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Well, that’s it for today. I may refer to this post in future whenever these blogging insecurities surfaces. I do hope you can take something from this. Do let me know if you have any blogging insecurities and how do you deal with those.


  1. Great tips! I particularly agree with what you said about the personal touch because I really think you can see someone’s personality shine through their posts. There are blog- like yours haha- that I enjoy because not only does it have good content but I enjoy what the writer has to say, their way of writing and just their personality in general.

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    1. Aw Pooja -you are so sweet💕

      Same with me -I am always looking for blog pages where I can connect to the person behind the screen. It’s like you are getting to know the person through the words they share. xx


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