Reduce Your Screen Time & Enjoy Life

For this week -I will do something different because recently all I am doing is aimlessly scrolling through my phone whenever I get the time, lunch break to waiting at the bus stop. The point being this is only serving me with headaches and procrastinating mindset. I can understand it can be difficult not to check your phone for updates with this current climate. The most we can do is send our prayers to those who are struggling and do whatever we can to help those in need. It is frightening, overwhelming and heartbreaking but we need to remember there’s hope. This would not last forever. Better days are coming.

On that note, welcome to this post. For today’s post, I would be sharing with you all the things we could be doing to lessen our screen time. The days are getting longer, summer is coming -we could do some activities that don’t involve being on our phone and computer. If you are interested in doing some activities to reduce screen time please keep on reading:


Get your creative juices flowing. Go on an adventure, make something different. It can be anything from making a recipe from scratch, a photo album to a dance routine. The world is your oyster. I remember last summer in lockdown while being bored out of our minds from sitting on the sofa binge-watching tv-shows we decided to play a game with our washing lining pole. A silly thing turned into a very competitive game of 2 hours with questionable rules. We had so much fun!


I am a huge fan of long conversations. Often going for those long walks my sister and I would fall into those signature conversations of ours where we talk about everything. It doesn’t have to walk to have conversations -we can have it anywhere. It just means putting your phone away and enjoy those everyday moments with your loved ones. During this pandemic I have realised the importance of having face to face conversations -the things you can share with people when you are seeing their facial expressions, feeling their presence that is impossible to do over texting or phone calls. Now that the lockdown has lifted here -we can meet up in groups of 6 -you need to savour the present moment with your loved ones as then you’re not living vicariously through others.

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There’s something about spending your time in nature that allows you to unwind naturally. Listening to birds chirping, chatter of people, dogs barking -a wholesome evening. Although some people prefer to go on walks with company, podcast or favourite tunes in the background I prefer to have a quiet walk with my thoughts. It helps me organise and offers me some needed me-time which is always greatly welcomed. Whichever way you prefer your walks -make sure to spend some time outdoors -it lifts your mood.


By this, I don’t mean going to the gym and doing a full-blown work out because hearing that would make me curl up on my sofa with my chocolate bar to binge-watch Netflix. I am sorry but it won’t happen. I mean doing fun activities like skipping while making dad jokes to see who will keep going for the longest, or floating on an exercise ball pretending to be dead. For me to keep fit I have to first take the pressure out of looking a certain way, enjoy the process of looking after my body as this is a form of self-care. Please don’t fall for the perfect body crap -it is your body, you got to love it. You are working out to keep yourself fit, to prioritise your health not to please some stranger from the internet.

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You know just how much I enjoy reading. I have started to carry a book with me whenever I go again to reduce my screen time. It’s a great way to keep yourself occupied and saves you from unnecessarily scrolling through your feed. Few pages a day keeps the phone away. Pick up a book and transport yourself to another world. Recently I have been reading The Dry by Jane Harper a crime thriller/mystery which had become an instant global bestseller and it has been on my radar for a long time, and I am so excited to read it.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Let me know what you think. Are you trying to reduce your screen time? What are you reading now? How has pandemic changed your view?


  1. Great post! I have been cutting down on my screen time and have been focusing on reading more- something I hadn’t been doing much for the last few months and I’m really enjoying it.

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  2. Great tips shahrin 👏👏👏
    And I so agree with long deep conversations point, with right person a long deep conversation act as a comforter and energy booster at the same time …..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Vani🧡it does! It’s comforting to share thoughts with another like minded person in those long conversations. These are exactly what the doctor orders after a long day!

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  3. I’ve been trying to reduce my screen time too lately! My addiction has certainly gotten worse since the pandemic began. Now the phone stays out of the bedroom at night. I don’t allow phones at the dinner table. I also leave my phone off/at home when on a date night with my wife. I actually try to schedule my screen time now which has led to a healthier relationship. Thank you for the tips. Great post 🙏

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    1. That’s great! For a good work life and relationship balance -you got to minimise your phone usage. It’s these small gestures that matters that most in the long run.

      Thank you for reading

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