Things To Remember When Struggling

I thought I would do an updated version of my mini-series about struggles/hardships. I often in the form of writing try to remind myself and others it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and after the year we have had -it’s the most normal thing ever. The important thing for us is to acknowledge our feelings and to admit yes I am struggling. The main purpose of writing this is today my sister informed me about a news article of a young boy committing suicide. I looked at her in utter disbelief and the news article with the smiling pixilated picture of this beautiful boy. With tears in my eyes, I wondered what more could have been done. I sat down with my laptop, notes in hand to talk to you about hope. The beautiful weapon that keeps us going. It’s the absence of hope that makes everything that extra bit harder.

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While writing about struggles and hardships I take it upon myself to continue to talk about hope. I can’t begin to tell you how it changes life. I can only use my experiences as examples -the most recent incident would the last 6 months of 2020. I felt utterly broken, I could not believe my luck -after all the hard work, patience and sacrifice -all was taken away from me with a heartbeat. Its hard to describe the feelings but I remember while going through the midst of agonising pain -I had hope. I held onto it. I know as long as I had that nothing could destroy my spirit. Although I do understand how extremely difficult it is to have hope when you feel your world is falling apart. For this post I want to talk about things we should remember when struggling, if you are interested -keep on reading:



It is important to remember you are doing your best despite going through it all and that should be enough. If you feel a certain way -own up to your feelings. Do not suppress it as this will only worsen the healing process. Take your time. I am big believer of going at your own pace when it comes to feelings, not to force yourself to feel better. If it takes longer, let it be. Everyone processes their struggles in a different way and it’s important to treat ourselves with compassion.

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Life won’t always be like this. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. I will let you in my coping strategy -I love journaling. Whenever I am struggling, I like to note it down for future references. In all of the scribbled notes detailing pain and anguish, there’s always, at the bottom a simple sentence of optimism. the belief that this will not the end; I will look back at this at a later day when everything is better because it will get better. Just having the thought process that no matter what is happening right now -there are always better days ahead. No one feels sad forever. The same way I found my inner contentment -you will do too. These test and trials are not roadblocks but are there to teach you something that will come handy in future. Believe me.


I seem to repeat this in every post I write about struggles/hardships because it is true. Through our struggles and roadblocks we learn about life that we wouldn’t have known otherwise. Past experiences are what teaches about this world, its people and our inner resilience. It is only through those experience of heartbreaks I have understood my strengths. I am stronger than I think. If you are going struggling know this: like before you will conquer this again and come out the other side as a brand new person. Life has its unique way to teach us about the things that we should value the most.

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How do you cope with struggles and hardships? Do you feel you can learn from it?


  1. what a wonderful post shahrin ❤❤❤👏👏
    I really needed this, lately I started to feel like a “hamster in wheel” stuck in the loop of problems 😕 but this post is very assuring, thanks for this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for this – been struggling with a lot lately because of this situation in my country and watching dear ones stuggle while feeling totally helpless and useless. Will definitely try to keep these points in mind. ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Its hard to stay stress-free with everything that is going on around us but we are doing our best. And thats all we can do! There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. xx


  3. Great blog post! All three of your points are ones I agree with. Especially the one about doing your best. If you always try your best, then thats all you can do ! Thanks for sharing, and feel free to read some of my recent blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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