Cooling Thoughts For The Sunny Week Ahead

5:00 After a 2-hour nap by the open window on this sunny Saturday I am feeling quite relaxed. During summer I feel exhausted by the heat and the constant hey-fever and heat rush doesn’t help the situation. A dose of childhood fave movie jab we met, cold snacks I am ready to write. Fatigue is a constant with the long hours at work, especially this week having to do overtime isn’t helpful but my energizing naps should get me over the line for reminders of the weeks left at work.

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This week as predicted by the forecast should be a heatwave with the temperature hitting the late twenties and early 30ties and this, for us, is HUGE! Summer is and always will be a reflective time for me. Over the last 3 years, it was always during those days something would happen that would suck all the joys out of my life. The evenings were spent in agony, despair but hope for better days. Now to be living in the better days I want to share some cooling thoughts with you. I don’t want you to be confused by the title –this post by no means is a summer to-do list or anything, it’s just me telling you about the things I have learned while going through hardships and, the fact that most of the life-altering situations happened during the summer days –it felt fitting to be writing about it in the same cloudless day when the air is warm, the day is bright, the spirit is high but this time I can appreciate the warm sun from the sunny summer sky beating down on my exposed leg as I sip my lemonade. This time I am no longer feeling the burden of life and it feels good.

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Believing has the pillar that kept my hope alive in those days when I felt utterly broken. There will come a time in your life when you feel all the choices you are making somehow is always, the wrong ones despite trying your level best to make it right. For the hard work, late nights, sacrifices there is little to show for. Nothing is making sense. This is the time to remember when you feel everything is coming to an end this is only the beginning of your story. Something better is waiting around the corner. Keep believing. When you believe, it doesn’t mean the road ahead is smooth all the way. Far from it. Expect to be tested; face the obstacles; make difficult choices. It took me a long while to learn –faith is not the belief that God will do what you want, it is the confidence in knowing that He will do what’s best.


That has proven to be a must in those lingering feeling blah days. I have always struggled with depression and one thing that stops me from falling over the edge is knowing this feeling would not last. There’s another side to the pain where it doesn’t feel so suffocating. Reminding myself while having salty tears for the company –this is temporary. I will be fine. It’s the little things that stop us from feeling overwhelmed. I have come to realize as the years’ tick by –it is up to me, how I deal with my emotions. Besides there’s power in believing in yourself and your ability that you will find those better days for yourself, not for anyone else but yourself. Because at the very end, when the sunset, day turn into the night –you have the power to love and care for yourself so much more than anyone else. Look within you and I bet you will find it. The power, resilience to get through those tough days. How empowering is it to know you’ll always have you to fill you up when you need it? Focus on self-love. Know that there’s another to every pain, failure and unsuccessful story.

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Well, that is it for Monday’s wisdom. Have the loveliest week and let me know if you have got any plans. Mine will be filled with drinking water, sunscreen, bright mornings, cosy love-island watching, sunshine reading, cooking, blue skies, long sunsets, fresh flowers, morning chats and everything in between.


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