Why We All Need A Pampering Sunday

I was not big on self-care and it’s in recent years I have gotten better at looking after myself. I feel as you got older you tend to realize the importance of investing time in yourself. Throughout my teenage years, I have neglected myself a lot and it was all due to a lack of confidence. I didn’t believe I was someone that needed the care, or love. It’s sad to think I have lived in this mindset in the formative years of my life. Thankfully this has changed and I am in a much better place now. Like any journey, it is filled with numerous sit backs but with patience and hard work you get-go your destination. Even by reaching the destination, you will still have those days when you have zero energy to look after yourself or feel less in touch with yourself. Here’s the trick: it’s all part of the journey. It’s okay to feel like that. No one day is the same. There will come a time self-care becomes part of your routine and without it, everything feels empty.


I truly believe when we take the time out to put our well-being first, we achieve more inner peace. It’s about doing what is good for you and when we do that more –there is a shift in your life. We are no longer saying yes when we mean no, doing things for us and best of all, we enjoy our company. It starts small, but then all great things start small. I have also noticed as I put in more thought into self-care, I have less time for toxicity in life. I am aware of what I am doing and the people I am surrounding myself with. It’s a domino effect, the more we care about ourselves, the less we care about the world and its bullshit.


Every Sunday I carve time out of my busy schedule to devour to self-care. From a long shower, hydrating mask, shaving, to picking a nice outfit –I do all the steps to ensure I feel self-love after a long and hectic week. These days I look forward to a Sunday. It’s the day to be lazy and pamper yourself. You will see the difference as you do it.

We must treat our mental health like our physical health. For example when we are sick –we change many things about our daily lives to boost immunity and get well as fast as. In the same way, if you are feeling your mental health is affecting your physical health, give yourself a minimum of a day to recover: nap as much as you can; drink plenty of water, catch up on the movies you are waiting to watch. The world can wait. Take your time. Feel whatever is bothering you.


Finally, it gets us ready for Monday. I have noticed the Sundays I pamper myself I don’t feel so dreadful about the week ahead, I am rather excited to get on with it. There are no Monday blues-only glorious Wednesday pink to look forward to (I try!). While talking to my sister the other day I have mentioned how with each Sunday filled with self-care, I am constantly boosting myself with confidence and this, in turn, allows me to put in the extra hours at work, or not looking forward to the weekend as much as I used to. Here I must clarify –there is nothing wrong with wanting a weekend after long hours at work, I mean it’s the longing for a weekend every Monday morning. That way you can enjoy the week as the days roll on and greet the weekend with purposeful energy. Not to mention how this newfound energy boosts productivity –it is all worth it! Take a chance on self-care and see how everything changes.

Sitting by the open window as I write this: light breeze, the relentless buzz of the flies as they try to enter through the fishnet curtains, but I just sit and enjoy the glorious evening without much interpretation. I must say I haven’t done much today other than lazy reading and watching movies. I am going through this lack-of-motivation phase which I hope to stir away from as quickly as possible. Do leave a comment and let me know how you are doing.


    1. Yes Molly —do it. You will be so much better for it. I am so looking forward to this Sunday. Nothing fancy but resting and able to find some hours to read a good paperback🌼 xx


  1. Agreee! Self care on weekends is so essential I have been going crazy at work so I was looking forward to cooling off this weekend. Did some fun stuff and now getting some much needed me time. How was your weekend?
    It’s okay to be lazy sometimes, this hustle culture is ruining so many folk’s mental health.

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    1. Trust me!! I hate how everywhere we are told to wear overworking as badge of honour. Exhaustion is not pretty and should not be promoted.

      I read the post on your weekend plans —hope you were able to do all the things on your list. This weekend I am just looking to sleep. I am beyond tired! Xx


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