To Be Able To Enjoy The Good Things

Since the beginning of 2021, I have truly grasped the concept of good things is continuously happening around me. This may be why you will see this line pop around most of my posts. I truly believe in it. After last year and years before that -all the waiting, I could not have predicted something so beautiful would be waiting for me in 2021. When all the good things started to happen to me, I walked down memory lane to see how it was all planned out. As they say “everything happens for a reason” and that my friends are a fact. While revisiting the ghosts of the past -I come to realize even when I was thinking everything was falling apart, this was the exact moment I would start a new journey; these obstacles allowed me to meet people that will change my life forever; discovering resilience and patience. All the time good things were happening, even in those bad times, I couldn’t find a way out, which would go on to teach me to think outside the box and mainly rely on myself. Keep the faith alive. All those key lessons of life.

Some days I do wonder what life has in store, what uncertainties lie in future. In life, there is always something that is not up to your taste that will happen to you. The nature of this world we live in. The sun is shining brightly and I will myself remember not a single thing that happens in our life without a reason. I know it is difficult to believe in it at the moment when disappointment hits you but with time you realize this had to happen, otherwise you wouldn’t have had this. And on it goes. A cycle. Believing through each step.

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3:00 It is august and I am on my break. A thought struck me this morning while buttering my toast: a sudden fear about would everything I had planned for myself going to happen. Those big dreams I talk about every day, manifesting each thought to make it a reality: is it possible, or am I deluded. Throughout the morning I tried to look into my fear and reason with myself but with each new thought began a fresh thread of anxiety. The worry, doubt and fear –a wholesome combination. The battle with my mind each day is exhausting. The new trick I have learned just recently is: not paying too much attention to what I think and feel all the time. That to say not to completely disregard my thoughts and feelings, but to categorize them, understanding not every thought has a reason behind it. It’s just there, floating freely in your brain. The thing with anxiety is that you have to treat it like an annoying itch that will not leave you and hopefully with time, you get better at ignoring it.

While writing this and in between sneaking glances at the clock I remembered this time last year I was going through a gruelling experience that had me thinking: this may be it for life. Now a year later, to be in a position I am in is truly amazing. Somedays one just got to admit: miracles happen. Going back to my point about things happening for a reason –if we can go back and find those moments that made our life, trace the details that happened throughout the day leading up to the event, you will realize how all the pieces of the puzzle fell into the right place. We have survived then and we will survive now. In a matter of days, weeks or years –all the pieces in the puzzle will find their place as they did before and before that. For now, we just got to have faith in our journey, own our story, and leave the rest.


  1. Sometimes it can be hard to trust in the journey we’re on (I’m struggling with this at the moment) and to see all the good that is around us. I felt encouraged reading this (thank you) and I am sending all the positive thoughts I can out into the universe for all the things you wish to see come to fruition in your life. Lovely post — thank you for sharing!

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    1. Aww Molly —you are honestly the sweetest! I understand how hard it can be to trust the journey but with each day know that you are getting closer to your destination. Let life unfold✨

      Thank you for your kind words —I appreciate it! xx


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