Notes To Self | Part 2

I remember writing this couple of months ago and I quite enjoyed it. This is why I am back with part 2 of the notes to myself. Not only is it fun to scribble thoughts down in my notebook but as often I do it –I realize how everything around us influences us in so many ways. As the weeks rolled on and my bubbling excitement to write something down was a pleasant distraction from the frustrating writer’s block.

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Today I will answer my own call for love. I understand that I might have moments of falling back into old habits rooted in self hate or unworthiness, but I promise myself to practice self love any moment I become aware of my own negative self talk -Welcome Home

I came across this while snooping through my sister’s insta feed. I find when talking about self-love we somehow think what’s the point when I will make the same mistake again and again. Here’s the thing, it is okay to make mistakes and feel regret sinking in because it’s the first stage of realizing ”I should have done better”. With each realization, you get better at practising self-love with soothing positive language.

For this post, I am continuously referring back to the cute notebook I got as a present for my 22nd birthday. Now that feels like a while ago. How this year is rushing past me –I have no idea. As if each month has its scheduling dates and it is gone before I had the chance to feel the days of the month. It’s odd. Time does fly! This is why it is so important for us to enjoy those snippets of our daily lives. If you are lucky enough to be with your family –make the most of it. Live in those precious moments. Count your happy hours and be truly happy. A trick though for those who struggle with being truly happy the way poets and movies portray, even when you are blissfully soaking in the sun, there may be a part of you that is sad and guess what, it is just fine. We cannot expect every part of ourselves to be happy. Learn to accumulate that in your life, that way you won’t be wasting the precious sunshine on why a part of me is still sad. Give that up to experience, grief and lost time –all of that, part of life.

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Many conversations, snippets of ted talks, fiction, Instagram posts, Twitter threads, and self-reflection later –take FOMO out of your dictionary. True. I remember in school when I first came across this word and I felt omg now I know what I was missing in life. How a single word made all that sense. All my feelings filled in one word, more so a slang FOMO. Now that I am older and have bid goodbye to teenage hormones (thank god!!) I can tell you this mindset is never good. The more we use this word the more we are saying what and where we are right now is not great. Whatever we are seeing through our screen is great. That way we are sucking the joy out of right now. Own your moment. This is now. Enjoy it. It is all yours to make it better than great.

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To finish, some late night thoughts when sleep was out of reach: The only secret to love is kindness. August is here and with its soft breeze and confusion of whether it is hot or cold. The discussion will long continue but for now last thoughts of July 2021: The longest relationship you’ll ever have in your life will be with you. So you better protect that.

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